For information, the Sunda Strait Bridge has been initiated in 1960 by Professor Sedyatmo from ITB. Until 1997, then-President Suharto, together with Vice President BJ Habibie, ordered a professor from ITB, Wiratman Wangsadinata, to research bridge technology to Europe.

Based on the study, 17 thousand tons of steel are needed and 50 thousand welding workers for IDR 100 trillion. But in the end the Sunda Strait Bridge project stalled due to the economic and political crisis.


Until then in 2004, conglomerate Tomy Winata, owner of the Artha Graha business group, took Wiratman. In 2007, TW together with the Governments of Banten and Lampung formed a consortium of PT Graha Banten Lampung Sejahtera whose majority shares were controlled by the Artha Graha group to continue the Sunda Strait Bridge project.

As time went on, until President Joko Widodo took office in 2014, the Sunda Strait Bridge project again stalled. The Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs at the time, Sofyan Djalil, said that the government preferred to build other infrastructure, such as adding docks and improving the quality of ships, which could facilitate connectivity from Java to Sumatra, rather than building the Sunda Strait Bridge megaproject.

“From the beginning (JSS) this has been controversial. Without support from the government, the project would not be possible”, said Sofyan.

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