December 2, 2022

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Indonesia Targets to Break the World Record of Rock Climbing in Jakarta

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Wednesday 14th September 2022 04:53 PM

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Chairman of the Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation (FPTI) Zannuba Ariffah Chafsoh or Yenny Wahid set Indonesia’s target to break the world record in the Championship Rock climbing 2022 in Jakarta.

Indonesia will host one of the 2022 Rock Climbing World Championship series. This event will take place at SCBD, Jakarta on 24-26 September. This is the 12th of 13 series during 2022.

“This event was attended by nearly 200 athletes, Indonesia itself sent 42 athletes, 20 of the remaining speed leads. There are 27 countries participating in the competition. Overseas athletes have started to arrive,” Yenny said at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Wednesday (14/9).



FPTI’s target in this event is to break the world record of speed numbers. Currently, the speed record is held by Indonesian athlete, Kiromal Katibin with a time of 5.00 seconds. It was created in the World Championship series in France.

From the women’s category, FPTI is not grandiose. Referring to this year’s achievements, FPTI hopes to penetrate the top three. Nurul Iqomah, Alivany Ver Khadijah, Rajiah Salsabila, Desak Made Rita, Puja Lestari, and Susan Nurhidayat are said to be ready to fight at the Jakarta World Championships.

“So far, our athletes are mentally very strong, their achievements are very constant. Finally, Frederick Leonardo still leads the standings because his points are very high, Indonesia is now in the top three,” said Yenny.

“Well, hopefully with this championship [seri ke-12 di Jakarta] can add more points if possible by the end of this year, hopefully our athletes will get a trophy as the athlete with the most points,” Yenny added.

On that occasion Yenny also reported that FPTI is trying to host an international championship in 2023. This event is being sought to become one of the qualifications for the 2024 Olympics.

“Next year I will also report that there is an event, we volunteer to host the qualifying championship [Olimpiade]. We are still competing, one of them with South Korea,” said the daughter of the late Gus Dur.

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